Isanti man gets life in prison for long-unsolved 1993 homicide in Minneapolis

In connection with a long-unsolved killing in Minneapolis, a guy from Isanti, Minnesota, was given a life sentence last week.

In the murder of Jeanie Ann Childs, 35, in June 1993, Jerry Arnold Westrom, 56, was found guilty last month of first-degree premeditated murder and second-degree deliberate murder.

Westrom was given a 30-year sentence of life in prison without the chance of release by Hennepin County District Judge Juan G. Hoyos on Friday.

Sex worker Childs was discovered 65 times stabbed in her South Minneapolis residence.

According to the accusations, police discovered through their cold-case investigation that Westrom resided in the Twin Cities from April 9, 1991, to December 31, 1993. According to the allegations, records showed he had interactions with law enforcement over prostitution, including being found guilty of solicitation in February 2016.

According to the allegations, Westrom was under observation by law police in January 2019 with the goal of obtaining a DNA sample. Westrom was followed by detectives to a hockey game. He purchased a hot dog from a concession booth while he was there. He used the napkin to wipe his lips, but subsequently threw it away. Detectives found it and had it tested for DNA.

Websites devoted to genealogy connected Westrom’s profile to DNA evidence found at the murder scene.

Westrom will appeal, according to Westrom’s lawyer, Steven J. Meshbesher.

“You’ve got the wrong man, as we stated at the outset and as we’re saying right now. We are saddened for Jeanie Child’s passing. We anticipate Jerry Westrom’s acquittal by the Minnesota Supreme Court, he stated.

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