Investigation Underway After 5 Killed in Wrong-Way Crash on Palmetto

The motorist who authorities believe caused a wrong-way collision on the Palmetto Expressway over the weekend that killed five young people has been detained, but the cause of the collision is still under investigation.

In a matter of seconds, the lives of Briana Pacalagua, Daniela Marcano, Valeria Pena, Valeria Caceres, and Giancarlos Arias were stolen. The 30-year-old Maiky Simeon is accused with five counts of vehicular murder in connection with the Saturday collision.

Police are now investigating how and where the motorist joined the roadway.

The exit in Miami-Dade closest to the collision is 67th Avenue. It would take quite a while to go the opposite way without colliding with another car before reaching the next exit at 154th Street.

Two red wrong-way signs were visible on both sides of the road, according to NBC 6’s inspection of the exit’s signage. One sign has some leaves covering it, but you can still see the inscription. The direction of travel is also indicated on the road by arrows.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the 67th exit also features a retail center that you may access from the exit. The restaurant was closed on that Saturday, according to personnel, even though a Mcdonald’s is located in the plaza and is open around-the-clock.

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