Indeed Brewing to Sell THC-Infused Seltzers in Minnesota Soon

A state legislation that took effect on July 1 allowing the sale of THC-containing drinks and edibles has already resulted in new locally produced goods.

A cannabis-infused beverage called Two Good will be made available by Indeed Brewing Co. sometime in August. There are 2 milligrams of THC and 2 milligrams of CBD in the non-alcoholic seltzer water.

According to a news release from Tom Whisenand, CEO of Indeed Brewing, “We are presently navigating the behind-the-scenes labor that goes into producing this first-of-its-kind product in Minnesota.” We are taking our time to ensure that it is the best product for us and our clients since we are taking this obligation seriously.

Up until 2020, Indeed has been making a CBD-infused seltzer beverage named Lull before receiving a request from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. In accordance with the new law, it will also start making and selling Lull once more.

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