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Ilhan Omar Projected To Defeat Don Samuels By Narrow Margin

It is anticipated that Rep. Ilhan Omar would narrowly defeat Don Samuels, her main opponent. With more than 97 percent of the results in, Samuels is only behind Omar by a little under 3,000 votes.

As a consequence of Tuesday’s outcome, Omar will probably easily win a third term in the general election in November.

The Democratic primary winner in the 5th Congressional District, which contains Minneapolis and its inner suburbs, is quite likely to prevail in the general election.

Unofficial live vote totals:

Don Samuels

Albert Ross

AJ Kern

Nate Schluter

Ilhan Omar


Due in part to Samuels’ substantial backing from seasoned district elected officials, the campaign between Omar and Samuels was tight. The editorial board of the Star Tribune likewise supported Samuels.

Prior to Tuesday’s primary, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and four other regional mayors made the decision to support Samuels rather than Omar last week.

Omar sought to prevent Frey from winning a second term in the 2020 election. The campaign eventually failed as Frey defeated opposition from progressives Kate Knuth and Sheila Nezhad, both of whom had Omar’s support.

Omar supported a failed ballot initiative in 2021 to abolish and replace the Minneapolis Police Department. While Knuth and Nezhand supported the proposal, Frey and Samuels were both against it.

“We require partners from all levels of government as our city and country navigate major difficulties who value cooperation, collaboration, and an approach that is as serious as the problems we confront. This is a recommendation for someone who has proven capable of doing precisely that “explained Frey.

Don Samuels, who served as the city council’s chair of the public safety committee, “worked relentlessly against the violence in communities all around Minneapolis, helping to cut crime by double digits,” added Frey. “Don has long worked with local authorities to bring investment to underprivileged neighborhoods and has been a voice for his neighborhood on the Northside. Don Samuels prioritizes the needs of his people, whether they are in the 5th ward or the 5th district. He will be a great spokesperson, in my opinion.”

Meanwhile, prominent Democrats including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Attorney General Keith Ellison supported Omar.

In his endorsement, Sanders stated, “I’m pleased to support my close friend, Ilhan Omar, for reelection to the United States Congress once again.” “Ilhan is one of the few elected politicians who actually comprehends the value of doing public duties. Since being elected, she has been a determined fighter for working families and the millions of Americans who cannot afford to hire lobbyists. She has been a voice for the voiceless.”

Members of the Minneapolis City Council Jeremiah Ellison, Andrea Jenkins, Aisha Chughtai, and Andrew Johnson also supported Omar.

Cedric Blackwater
Cedric Blackwater
Cedric is a journalist with over a decade of experience reporting on local US news, and touching on many global topics. He is currently the lead writer for Bulletin News.

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