Gov. Walz Orders Flags At Half-Staff To Honor Queen Elizabeth II

To commemorate the life of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on Thursday at the age of 96, Governor Tim Walz ordered that both Minnesotan and American flags be flown at half-staff in front of all state and federal facilities in the state.

The order is in effect as of right now and will resume at the end of the day of the interment. The lowering of flags is an activity that both locals and commercial enterprises may take part in.

Walz said in a statement that “Queen Elizabeth II was a force on the global stage, and her leadership during some of the worst circumstances in recent history will not be forgotten.”

“In honor of her life and legacy, Minnesota lowers its flags with the rest of the country.”

After occupying the British throne for 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II passed away. She served as queen for the greatest period of time in British history and was the oldest. Her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, ruled for roughly 64 years.

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