Giant Jellyfish Washes Up on Wallasey Beach

Unexpectedly, a dog walker on a beach ran upon one of the biggest jellyfish in the entire globe.

When he first spotted the metre-wide monster that had washed ashore on Seacombe beach in Wallasey, Wirral, Andy Donoghue claimed he “couldn’t believe his eyes.”

Although the lion’s mane jellyfish is common throughout Europe, it seldom exceeds 50 cm (19 ins) in size in UK seas.

It is “rare” to find an invertebrate of this size here, according to marine scientist Georgia de Jong Cleyndert.

On Wednesday, Mr. Donoghue, 37, and his dog Milo made the discovery.

He claimed that as he continued to walk, the animal suddenly surged ahead before curiously pausing and “taking a huge smell.”

He stated, “At first I assumed it was a big rock face.

“I was in awe of what I saw. I came to a complete halt and said, “Wow.”

According to Ms. de Jong Cleyndert of the North West Wildlife Trust, she learned last week that a lion’s mane of a comparable size was spotted near Sandscale in Cumbria.

The species, according to her, had a “nasty sting” and was often seen between June and September.

The largest ever discovered was discovered off the coast of Massachusetts in 1865 and was 2.1 meters (82 inches) in diameter with tentacles that reached a length of almost 36 meters, she continued.

In addition, this month has witnessed an abnormally high quantity of octopus throughout the Cornish coast.

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