Fire that damaged 28 vehicles at St. Paul lot appears to have started accidentally

An estimated $275,000 worth of damage was inflicted by a fire that tore through automobiles at a salvage auction lot in St. Paul, a fire department spokesman said on Tuesday.

According to deputy fire chief Roy Mokosso, “at this moment we’re leaning toward this being an unintentional fire.” It was a major fire, and we are conducting an investigation to find out what started it.

According to Mokosso, the fire destroyed five more automobiles in addition to totaling 23, he claimed.

At 4:35 on Saturday morning, firefighters were called to IAAI, which owns a lot in St. Paul’s North End.

The cars on the lot aren’t being worked on, but Mokosso said that sometimes a collision or accident might result in a mechanical or electrical system breakdown in a car. He is investigating if that is what started the fire.

Once the fire started, the wind fanned it from car to car that were parked close to one another. End-of-life automobiles may be found on the lot on Jackson Street, close to Maryland Avenue, for a variety of reasons, such as excessive mileage, a collision, or a rental car business selling them off.

28 firemen were sent, and after putting out the fire, they examined the cars to make sure nobody had taken refuge inside, according to Mokosso. No one was seen entering or leaving the establishment before or after the incident, according to surveillance footage.

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