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Father charged with kidnapping in Apple Valley Amber Alert case


A Maple Grove father has been charged with abduction and breaching a protective order after his 2-year-old son was reportedly taken from the boy’s Apple Valley home Sunday afternoon, sparking an Amber Alert.

According to a criminal complaint submitted on Wednesday in Dakota County District Court, Shannon Dawayne Ingram, 30, is prohibited from communicating with his son, 5-year-old daughter, and the mother of the children due to a protective order that was put into place in July.

The boy was securely handed back to his mother after Ingram was taken into custody early on Monday in Minneapolis.

As stated in the complaint:

Around 5:20 on Sunday evening, the boy’s mother contacted the police to report that Ingram had kidnapped her son from the 12700 block of Germane Avenue. According to the accusations, she was upset when police came and declared, “I’m never going to see him again.”

Ingram is also forbidden from entering the house, and the order for protection specifies that the mother has exclusive physical and legal care of the two kids.

When they got home, according to the mother’s account to police, Ingram came up in his car, picked up the kid, and sat him in the front seat. Although Ingram pleaded with the girl to accompany him, she declined.

Police were informed by the mother that he might visit his mother in the Battle Creek section of St. Paul. When they arrived, the police discovered his automobile. The St. Paul home was the target of a search warrant, but neither Ingram nor the kid were present.

Shortly after 10 o’clock in the evening, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension issued an Amber Alert.

When the youngster and Ingram were discovered around three in the morning, police were able to follow Ingram’s cell phone to an address in North Minneapolis.

According to the accusations, Ingram acknowledged violating the order for protection in a police interview and said it “was worth it” since he believed the mother was preventing him from seeing his children.

Before making plans to travel from St. Paul to Minneapolis, Ingram said that he had purchased the youngster a meal. In order to evade the cops, he acknowledged leaving his automobile at his mother’s house. He refused to reveal who drove the youngster and him to Minneapolis.

On his phone, Ingram claimed to have received the Amber Alert and to have known it concerned his kid.

On Wednesday, Ingram appeared in court for the first time on the allegations. Judge Kathryn Messerich set bail at $100,000 with conditions. He must return to court on November 18.

Ingram has no prior criminal history in Minnesota, according to court records, with the exception of a few minor traffic violations.



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