Essex County Teen Gives Kindle Reading Devices To Homeless Kids

Daniel Greenberg, a student in high school in Essex County, has raised $5,500 for REACH, an organization he started, to support reading among homeless children (Reading Encourages Achievement, Creativity, and Hope).

Daniel donated 40 backpacks to homeless kids along with an Amazon Kindle, an additional Kindle charger, and a $45 Amazon gift card using the funds earned.

In order to encourage reading, Greenberg collaborated with the Family Promise of Essex County Mobile Shelter.

Greenberg, a resident of Millburn, created a GoFundMe page and negotiated special prices with Amazon and Kindle in order to gather the funds.

During the pandemic, a large number of American public school kids were homeless at some point, which had an effect on their literacy. When Daniel Greenberg discovered this, he started to raise money so that those pupils would have access to portable reading devices.

Greenberg explained his decision to concentrate on this initiative as follows: “In order to prevent homeless children from falling between the gaps in terms of literacy and reading, I founded REACH. Knowing that my early reading experiences shaped who I am now, I wanted to share my love of reading with others.”

Added he, “Because the kids at Family Promise travel around a lot and usually have little storage capacity, I opted to utilize Kindles rather than books. Countless titles can fit into a single portable reader.”

Tia Aery, the organization’s executive director for Essex County, said, “Daniel’s generosity is much appreciated, and FPE is pleased to collaborate with him on such a significant project. The kids in the FPE Shelter Program won’t be disappointed to get a Kindle because they don’t generally have the money to buy the latest gadgets.”

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