Doctor Who’s TARDIS Appears in Liverpool for Exhibition

The TARDIS from Doctor Who has been in Liverpool for an exhibition on the physics behind the popular TV show.

The city’s World Museum is home to Daleks, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels, among other inventions.

National Museums Liverpool’s Catherine Johnson described Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder as a “wonderful mix of props, costumes, and items.”

Mark Gatiss of The League of Gentlemen and actress Zoe Wanamaker serve as narrators.

Visitors may test out the TARDIS Tech Room, learn about the science behind time travel, and see some of the show’s antiques during the exhibition, which runs through October 30.

Ms Johnson said it had been “very intriguing watching people focus in on the things they remember from the show and being faced by some of the creatures they used to hide under the sofa from” during the exhibition, which spans 60 years of Dr Who.

“A lot of the program’s plots were based on genuine science,” she explained. “There are influences from the natural world, cybernetics, AI, and astronomy, and there is a true depth to the show that is grounded by science.”

Visitors will be able to crawl inside a Dalek and change their voices to sound like the extraterrestrials, as well as see an original TARDIS console from the program and a case of sonic screwdrivers.

Liverpool artist Paul Curtis has painted a 50ft (15m) wide mural depicting symbols from the series arriving in Liverpool to commemorate the launch.

“The mural combines some great icons from more than 60 years of television, as well as the interesting scientific components that drive the exhibition,” he explained.

The exhibition also contains a Liverpool Connections section where visitors can discover more about the Merseyside icons who have appeared in the series, ranging from John Bishop to Sir Ken Dodd, as well as how The Beatles came close to meeting the Daleks.

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