Center for Economic Inclusion Merges with Growth & Justice, a Fellow St. Paul Nonprofit

Growth & Justice, an older St. Paul charity with a similar objective, has announced that it would be acquired by the Center for Economic Inclusion.

Growth & Fairness is a local think-tank that conducts research and advocacy for statewide public policies centered on racial and economic justice. It was founded in 2002 by Joel Kramer, a former editor and publisher of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Its most current 990 tax form, which is accessible on, shows that the organization had $65,000 in net assets at the start of the year and $189,000 at the end of the year.

In a prepared statement, Jane Leonard, president of Growth & Justice, stated, “This acquisition integrates and intensifies activities by both groups to achieve racial and economic justice.”

The Center for Economic Inclusion, situated in downtown St. Paul, was founded in 2018 to engage with business leaders and legislators to create racially equal workplaces. JP Morgan Chase awarded it a $5 million grant in February to help Black and Latina women start companies.

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