Capital City Bikeway Open House Scheduled Tuesday in St. Paul

For individuals who are interested in learning more about the upcoming phase of the Capital City Bikeway project, the city of St. Paul will have an open house on Tuesday at 11 a.m. at the InterContinental Hotel in the city’s downtown. The address of the hotel is 11 East Kellogg Boulevard.

From St. Peter to Jackson streets, there will be an extension of the Capital City Bikeway’s southern corridor along a section of Kellogg Boulevard. In 2023, construction is expected to get started.

On the north side of Kellogg, new bikeways and sidewalks will be constructed, and the project will also upgrade the signs and sewers that surround the new routes.

A two-way, off-street bike track with landscaping separating it from streets and sidewalks is intended to run along sections of Jackson Street, Kellogg Boulevard, Wabasha, St. Peter, 9th, and 10th streets. The bulk of downtown would be within a few blocks of a linked bike and pedestrian corridor by linking the bikeway to existing trails.

2017 saw the completion of the Capital City Bikeway’s initial section along Jackson Street between Kellogg Boulevard and University Avenue. Visit for additional info.

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