Broward Detention Deputy Accused of Bringing Drugs Into Main Jail

According to authorities, a Broward detention officer was detained on suspicion of supplying drugs to a prisoner inside the county’s main jail.

According to representatives of the Broward Sheriff’s Office, 21-year-old Victoria Campos-Marquetti was detained early on Tuesday in Miramar. She began working as a BSO Department of Detention deputy in January 2021.

According to officials, a confidential informant told detectives that Campos-Marquetti may have been involved in a business arrangement with an inmate that involved “campos-marquetti willingly introducing contraband (narcotics) into the jail facility at the request of the inmate” in exchange for $500.

In order to pick up 50 oxycodone tablets and cash from the informant in Miramar on Monday night, Campos-Marquetti reportedly agreed to meet up with him.

When Campos-Marquetti was arrested after the transaction, detectives discovered a loaded Glock weapon tucked in her belt.

Campos-Marquetti is charged with one count each of illegal remuneration, possessing a handgun while committing a crime, and possessing oxycodone with the intent to sell.

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