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Andy Rodriguez and Angie Wiese Appointed to Lead Parks and Rec

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Andy Rodriguez and Angie Wiese, longstanding municipal workers, have been named to oversee St. Paul Parks and Recreation and the city’s Department of Safety and Inspections, respectively.

Rodriguez will be the director of Parks and Recreation, a longtime citizen who has worked at the city’s recreation centers since 2005. He’s been the leisure services manager for the city’s 26 recreation centers since 2019. He previously worked as a recreation program supervisor in charge of nine recreation facilities and as a volunteer organizer for over 2,000 yearly park volunteers.

Rodriguez attended St. Paul Central High School and graduated from Augsburg University with a bachelor’s degree in Metro Urban Studies. The 4th of June is his first day.

Angie Wiese, who has worked for the city for 17 years, will be the director of Safety and Inspections. Her prior positions include temporary director, Fire Safety manager, and Fire Protection engineer for the agency. She is also a board member of the International Code Council and served as president of the Fire Marshals Association of Minnesota for eight years.

She’ll be in charge of health and sanitation inspections, animal control, housing safety and code compliance, licensing and permit administration, and associated environmental enforcement as director.

Wiese graduated from Hamline University with a master’s degree in public administration and Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

In 2015, both Rodriguez and Wiese took part in the city’s “Emerging Leaders” program.



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