After Spike in Overdoses within St. Paul, Police Issue Alert

After nine suspected non-fatal overdoses in the preceding 24 hours and five fatal overdoses in the previous four days, St. Paul police issued a notice on Thursday.

According to Steve Linders, a police spokesperson, the overdoses have involved a range of substances, including heroin and methamphetamine, and the instances are likely unconnected.

According to the state’s good Samaritan overdose medical aid legislation, a person who seeks medical help for someone who has overdosed may not be penalized or prosecuted for possessing, distributing, or using a prohibited drug.

Anyone who witnesses an overdose should phone 911, turn the individual to their side, and give naloxone (Narcan) every two to three minutes, according to police. At, you may find pharmacies that dispense naloxone, which can reverse an opioid overdose.

“Narcan is a great instrument that has saved many lives,” Linders said. “However, we don’t want it to give people a false feeling of security.” “It doesn’t always work, so reaching out for help is the greatest thing someone can do.”

A professional alcohol and drug counselor is on the staff of the St. Paul police Community Outreach And Stabilization Unit, which may be reached at 651-266-5840.

Residents of Ramsey County can get drug tests and be sent to treatment and community programs through Ramsey County Chemical Health. People may get more information at or call 651-266-7890 to schedule an appointment.

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