Accused Killer has Charge Reduced in Dania Beach Murder

After a man was killed at Dania Beach, a charge of premeditated murder was changed to second-degree murder.

Around 11:30 a.m., Hector Alcaraz Rodriguez’s corpse was discovered in his residence in the 200 block of Southeast Sixth Street. The Broward Sheriff’s Office reported on July 3.

On that particular Sunday morning, Rodriguez did not arrive for work at the Stay Inn boutique hotel.

Rodriguez was discovered on the floor with a huge kitchen knife stuck in the left side of his neck by a worried employee and supervisor, who then proceeded to check on him and phoned 911, according to the investigative report.

Rodriguez was stabbed in the neck after he passed away, according to the Broward Medical Examiner, who found that strangulation was the cause of death. On his torso and face, he also had bruises, scratches, and wounds.

DNA samples were taken from the victim’s fingernail, neck, and cheek.

Detectives searched the area, gathering hours’ worth of CCTV footage from numerous residences and businesses. The recordings showed a masked assailant approaching the victim’s house, vanishing for almost 17 minutes, and then hurriedly leaving the residence after 11 p.m. According to the report, July 2.

at 7 o’clock A male matching the description was seen wandering close to the Lighthouse Community Church at 650 S. on August 12, according to a 911 caller. Dania Beach’s Federal Highway. The suspect identified himself as “Jay Smith” when questioned by deputies.

After seizing his Bahamian passport, the detectives ultimately recognized him as 20-year-old Jake Kristian Varian Braves.

Investigators said that when being questioned, Braves acknowledged knowing the victim from work but denied having any social interactions with Rodriguez and not being at his apartment on the night of the murder.

Detectives received a DNA sample from Braves that subsequently matched DNA discovered on the victim’s corpse. Additionally, according to detectives, Rodriguez’s credit cards were discovered in Braves’ bag.

At a court hearing on September 8, the case against Braves was modified from five charges, including them premeditated murder, to second-degree murder.

Records reveal that he is still being held without bail in the Broward County Jail.

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