Accused Hollywood Carjacker Gets a Ride to Jail Instead

The Pompano Beach guy beat the gas station attendant when he refused to give him a ride, stole his vehicle, wrecked it, and fled, according to the police.

As a consequence, 40-year-old Erick Alex Hernandez is accused with carjacking and violence.

On January 20, he was loitering at the Mobil gas station at 2780 Stirling Road in Hollywood, trying unsuccessfully to flag down passengers who were getting gas and beg them for rides.

After leaving work, Hernandez ultimately requested the Mobil employee for a ride, but the worker declined, got in his vehicle, and then stopped to assist a female client with her car, according to the report.

Hernandez continued making fun of the worker; their argument became physical as a result. Hernandez raised a fist, pulled up his jeans, removed his shirt, and delivered the first blow. Hernandez, though, ended up with a bleeding lip and nose, according to the police.

Hernandez entered the employee’s vehicle as the latter returned to assisting the lady at the pump. According to authorities, when Hernandez was attempting to take the employee’s vehicle, the worker leaped out the passenger side window and engaged Hernandez in combat.

Hernandez attempted to gouge out his eyes, struck him in the head, and tried to shove the employee out the window of his own vehicle. Hernandez slammed into a trailer as a result in the gas station’s parking lot. The report indicated that he exited the vehicle and fled off.

The incident was captured on a smartphone by a witness. The whole event was captured on the CCTV camera of the petrol station.

Detectives said they watched the footage and collected a sample of blood from the pavement where the altercation occurred. On August 9, the results of a DNA test revealed a match with Hernandez.

According to documents, he was located, apprehended, and released from the Broward County Jail on a $25,000 bail on Tuesday after being detained on Tuesday.

The report was edited to conceal the name of the gas station employee.

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