A Ramsey County Deputy, Dallas Edeburn, Found Dead In His Car

After a deputy with the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office was discovered dead in his car on Monday, friends, family, and coworkers are in mourning.

After his shift on Sunday ended, Dallas Edeburn failed to come home, prompting authorities to start a search for him.

Deputies searched the area between Edeburn’s house and the Ramsey County Patrol Station in Arden Hills. They ultimately discovered his automobile with his body inside.

According to officials, a preliminary autopsy revealed no evidence of trauma or injury, but the Hennepin County Medical Examiner will announce the manner and cause of death after the entire autopsy is finished.

“Our thoughts are with the wife, family, and friends of Dallas. Both in terms of his physical presence and his contributions to Ramsey County, he was larger than life “Sheriff Bob Fletcher stated.

The hardest day of my life was yesterday, Edeburn’s wife Jes said on Facebook.

“We learned that Dallas had passed away. The pasta salad he wanted for supper is still waiting for him in the fridge, so it still doesn’t feel real. Instead, it feels like he will stroll through the door at any moment. He might enter the room banging whatever he was carrying against the walls while telling me a tale about his work or some other activity. My great big love, my husband, is still here, for example.”

In July 2015, Edeburn began working at the Ramsey County Correctional Facility. He began working as a deputy at the sheriff’s office at the beginning of 2017, serving on the Violent Crime Enforcement Team as well as in courts, patrol, training, and other departments.

Dallas was also a well-liked SWAT Team member, according to the sheriff’s office’s Facebook post. He has won several awards for his outstanding police work, bravery during SWAT operations, and efforts to save a young woman who was about to jump from a motorway bridge.

In March 2021, a stolen automobile that was evading Mounds View Police hit Edeburn’s squad car, causing major injuries. The collision resulted in a total burnout of his automobile.

“Dallas put in a lot of effort to recover from his wounds and resume his full-duty duties. We will never forget his dedication to his partners, family, and the people of Ramsey County “stated the sheriff’s office.

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