70-Year-Old Woman Says Her Purse Was Stolen at Maplewood Bus Stop

Maplewood police said they got a complaint regarding a robbery at a bus stop in the township at 10:58 a.m. Wednesday.

A lady, 70, told police that her pocketbook was stolen while she was waiting for a bus at Princeton Street on the south side of Springfield Avenue.

The woman claimed to have $88 in her handbag.

The guy allegedly slammed the woman to the ground and stole her pocketbook, according to police. He then dashed to a neighboring dark-colored car and sped east on Springfield Avenue, according to police.

The man was described as being of medium build, wearing black jeans and having short hair. According to police, a witness thought the car was a dark gray Honda Civic.

The police stated, “Detectives are scouring the neighborhood and the investigation is ongoing.” The Maplewood Police Department can be reached at (973) 762-3400 if anyone has any information.

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