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50 Year Old Man Sentenced in August Violent Crime Spree

During a daytime burglary in the Battle Creek suburb of St. Paul, a Minneapolis man fired at a homeowner and his family, and as he ran, he carjacked two other persons at gunpoint. He was sentenced to more than eight years in prison.

In connection with the violent crime spree on August 9, Leonard Rozell, 50, entered a plea of guilty in May in Ramsey County District Court to one count each of first-degree attempted aggravated robbery, first-degree burglary with a dangerous weapon, and second-degree assault.

At Rozell’s July 14 sentencing, when Judge Edward Sheu handed down a sentence of 98 months in prison, eight further counts from the string of crimes—including one case of second-degree attempted murder—were dropped. Rozell will be given credit for 323 days of prior incarceration.

According to the criminal complaint, a man subsequently identified as Rozell was trying to remove a flat-screen TV off the dresser in the homeowner’s daughter’s bedroom when he entered the home of a homeowner in the 2000 block of Suburban Avenue about 4 p.m.

The lawsuit said that after being accosted, Rozell drew a revolver from a holster on his right hip and shot at the victim, hitting the door frame. While his girlfriend and her three kids were still in the driveway, the homeowner hurried outside to warn them.

According to the complaint, Rozell approached the home from the side and fired two additional shots. A glass across the street was hit by a bullet that crossed over the automobile. The other fell to the floor.

While arriving to the residence on Suburban Avenue, police officers discovered 9mm round casings, lifted fingerprints, and found that the burglar, subsequently identified as Rozell, had carjacked a blue Dodge Durango from a lady who was packing groceries outside the nearby Aldi supermarket.

The lady said police the guy demanded her keys and brandished a pistol at her face. She attempted to leave after locking the Durango, but he grabbed her shirt, pulled the keys from her, and drove off.

According to the complaint, detectives discovered Rozell had initially attempted to steal a vehicle from an elderly woman on Suburban Avenue while they were at Aldi, watching security tape, and interviewing with the victim. The woman had no keys with her. The lawsuit said that guy matched Rozell’s description in the video.

Officers got another call of a robbery in the 800 block of Euclid Street as they were chasing the Dodge Durango. In his garage, a guy sawing wood pallets was approached by a man who fit Rozell’s description. The lawsuit claims that Rozell demanded all of his possessions from him while aiming a gun at his back. The man was pistol-whipped, and his vehicle and wallet were taken.

Later, the two stolen cars were found.

According to the complaint, Rozell’s girlfriend informed police that her boyfriend had been discussing robbing the neighbors because they had money and drugs when neighbors were being questioned the next day.

Rozell was charged with criminal sexual conduct in September 2020 after allegedly touching two girls—one who was 7 years old and the other who was 11—inappropriately. Despite being found guilty of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, he only served the time already served in jail, according to Ramsey County District Judge Nicole Starr. He was given a three-year probationary period.

Additionally, Rozell has a history of felonies in Minnesota, including convictions for second-degree burglary, receiving stolen property, simple robbery, first-degree burglary, third-degree attempted burglary, and eluding police in a car. According to officials, he has convictions in Illinois for burglary, armed robbery, and distribution of a prohibited narcotic.

Cedric Blackwater
Cedric Blackwater
Cedric is a journalist with over a decade of experience reporting on local US news, and touching on many global topics. He is currently the lead writer for Bulletin News.

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