32,000 CDs Seized in Wirral After Retailer Identifies Fakes

Police operations resulted in the seizure of more than 32,000 fake CDs that were being sold on Amazon.

During searches of three locations in Wirral on Tuesday, City of London Police discovered the CDs, which were worth roughly £170,000.

They were taken into custody after being recognized by the British Phonographic Industry and the retailer’s criminal team (BPI).

During the raids, one individual was detained; however, he was later released while being looked into.

Amazon will “keep investing and innovating to stay ahead of counterfeiters so that customers can purchase with trust in our store,” according to Kebharu Smith, director of the retailer’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit.

To hold corrupt actors accountable, he added, “We will also keep collaborating with trade associations and police enforcement.”

We want to stop them permanently, not simply drive them away from Amazon.

Genuine physical formats accounted for more than 20% of industry earnings, according to Paola Monaldi, head of content protection at the BPI, “but artists don’t receive a dime from counterfeits since the money goes to criminals.”

Andy Cope, an inspector with the City of London Police, claimed that counterfeit goods “damage genuine enterprises and create significant losses to artists.”

The public must keep in mind that sales of fake items might finance other illegal activities like drug trafficking and modern-day slavery, the official continued.

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