3 Broward Schools Staffers Named in Grand Jury Report Leaving District

Three senior workers have now decided to leave or retire as a result of a damning grand jury report that resulted in the suspension of four Broward County school board members.

The new chairman of the school board, Torey Alston, spoke about a variety of changes taking place in the district, both with the administration and in the classrooms, during Tuesday’s regularly scheduled school board meeting.

The sequence of this agenda, he said, “makes no sense.” We will go with this today since that is what we discussed with the staff, but there will be adjustments for the board meeting in October.

Vickie Cartwright, the superintendent who took over for Robert Runcie last summer, gave a 28-page report outlining the advancements achieved since she assumed the position.

In order to communicate with guests, all schools now have a video intercom and a single point of access.

To prevent firearms and other weapons off campuses, automatic locking doorknobs are being fitted on every classroom door, and students are being chosen at random for screening using handheld metal detectors.

We are continuously working toward the few remaining objectives we still have, according to Cartwright.

Following Runcie’s resignation following his arrest for allegedly lying to the grand jury, Cartwright was appointed superintendent.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis replaced the four Democratic school board members with members of his Republican Party, including Alston, as a consequence of the grand jury probe.

That was referred to be pure politics.

In a subsequent letter to Cartwright, the State Board of Education urged her to take action against the three workers included in the grand jury findings. The top staff members were charged with steering poor judgments about school safety.

They are Jeff Moquin, chief of staff, David Watkins, director of diversity and school climate, and assistant chief building official Ron Morgan.

Cartwright said on Tuesday that those staffers had resigned or will be retiring.

The board president stated the choice was unrelated to politics.

Partisanship is still at the door, according to Alston. Therefore, if there had been a grand jury report, I’m confident that action would have been done regardless of the governor’s gender.

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