12-Year-Old Says He’s ‘Lucky to Be Alive’ After Being Shot While Waiting For School Bus

Josue Camuse considers himself fortunate to be alive. The 12-year-old was shot on September 8 while waiting for the school bus in the Pinewood neighborhood of Northwest Miami-Dade. He is now healing at home.

I spotted the man, but I didn’t really give it much thought “Camuse remarked. After I resisted his attempt to take my phone, which was an iPhone, he moved on to my friend’s phone.

When Camuse and the other 12-year-old victim refused to give over their phones, according to him, things became violent.

He demanded the phone and then pulled out the pistol, which wasn’t loaded. He then shouted, “Give me the phone or I’ll blow you for real, for real,” according to Camuse.

Shots were fired towards Camuse’s hand and leg. A gunshot is still embedded in his thigh. The second 12-year-old victim, who was also his buddy, was wounded in both legs but is already at home and healing, he said.

The 16-year-old shooter was detained by police, who said he is charged with attempted criminal murder among other offenses.

The teen’s mother characterized her kid as incompetent in court last week.

He shouldn’t be prosecuted as an adult, in my opinion “said the suspect’s mother, Crystal Mendoza. “I’ve been pleading with the judges and the court for a very long time to assist my kid and enroll him in a program. It had to come to this since no one had volunteered to assist me with my kid.”

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