US Approves Pfizer Vaccine for Children over Five

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for children aged five to eleven has been authorized in the United States, paving the path for millions of young Americans to get vaccinated.

Director Rochelle Wolensky of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made the decision after thorough deliberation by US drug regulators.

The vaccine is already being administered to people aged 12 and up in the United States. This approval impacts around 28 million youngsters in the United States.

Experts think that in order to return to regular life, young people must be stabbed.

Expert teams from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) examined the risks and advantages of immunizing children against Covid-19.

Officials from the Food and Drug Administration discovered that the vaccination was 91 percent effective in preventing Covid in young children, and that their immune response was equivalent to that of persons aged 16 to 25. Researchers discovered no major adverse effects.

A third of the dose provided to adults is given to children aged five to eleven, posing a new logistical issue for medication suppliers and clinicians. Smaller needles are also utilized, and three weeks following the initial jab, a second jab is necessary.

President Joe Biden stated in a statement that the child vaccination “will help parents to stop worrying for months about their children and minimize the extent to which youngsters transmit the infection to others.”

Since August, Covid has forced the closure of 2,300 schools, affecting 1.2 million students and 78,000 instructors, according to NBC News, quoting a top CDC official.

According to the CDC, nearly 1.8 million Covid cases have been verified in children aged five to eleven in the United States. Only about 200 people have died, and the majority of them had underlying medical issues.

Given the prevalence of the Delta variety and the resumption to in-person schooling, several medical professionals believe that vaccinating youngsters is a critical next step in combating the epidemic.

Dr. James Versalovic, pathologist in chief at Texas Children’s Hospital, said, “Parents need to realize the necessity of immunization since the epidemic is not done” (TCH).

Since the start of the epidemic, at least 1,500 children have been diagnosed with the virus at TCH, the nation’s largest children’s hospital, according to Dr. Versalovic. He stated, “No age group has been spared.”

How Will The Roll-Out Work?

The White House said on Monday that it had already acquired enough vaccine to vaccinate all 28 million youngsters who had just become eligible.

15 million low-dose children’s vaccines have already been transported from Pfizer storage facilities to distribution centers, according to White House Covid Response Coordinator Jeffrey Zients.

Mr Zients said the decision to start preparing the shipments was taken last week when the FDA gave its permission, and that shots will most likely begin by the end of the week.

The vaccine will be distributed through more than 25,000 pediatric offices and 100 children’s hospitals in the United States, as well as pharmacies, school-based clinics, and community health centers, the US revealed last month.

The approach is designed to account for the fact that everything for this age group, from dosage to clinician counseling assistance to the post-jab waiting time, is different than for other age groups, and parents will need a trusted voice in the room.

“It’s one thing for Dr. Fauci to say on the national news that you should have your child vaccinated,” says Amy Wimpey Knight, president of the Children’s Hospital Association. “It’s another thing for a trusted physician in the community to have that direct talk with families.”

Ms Knight told reporters that mass vaccination venues are not suitable for injecting vaccines into young children, therefore state and local health officials will need to immediately connect up with schools, community centers, and physicians’ offices.

“All of the proposals are for the local area. That’s what we discovered the first time around “she explains.

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