Rishi Sunak said – China is a big threat to the world

Rishi Sunak of Indian origin, who is considered to be at the fore in the race for the post of Prime Minister in Britain, has shown a tough stand on China. Sunak said- It has become absolutely clear that China is the biggest threat to our country and the world. If I become the Prime Minister, strict steps will be taken against China from day one.

The name of the new Prime Minister of Britain will be announced on 5 September. Apart from Sunak, Liz Truss is in the race for the post of PM. There were 8 candidates in the first race. After five rounds of voting of MPs, only these two names are left. Now about 2 lakh members of the party will decide the PM’s name by ballot voting.

Why Sunak is tough on China now?
A few days ago, Liz Truss, who was challenging Sunak, made serious allegations against him. Liz had said – Rishi’s stand on China and Russia seems very soft. We have seen this before.

The special thing is that China’s official newspaper Global Times also praised Sunak a lot. Not only this, the newspaper had even termed Sunak as the only candidate in the race for British PM.

What are the sages saying now?

  • The members of the Conservative Party have to cast the final vote. Truss’s statements were indicating to these members that Sunak was taking a soft stance on China and Russia. This is the reason why Sunak used a very bitter tongue against Dragon on Sunday and Monday.
  • This former UK finance minister said – China is the biggest threat to the security of not only Britain, but the whole world. If I become the Prime Minister, I will change the policy on China on the very first day itself.
  • According to Sunak, all the Confucius Education Institutes of China running in Britain will be closed. Intelligence agency MI5 will be asked to strictly stop Chinese spying at every level.

China traps poor countries in debt trap
Sunak called China’s ‘Belt and Road’ plan a conspiracy against poor and developing countries. Said- China conspires in such a way that developing countries get caught in its debt trap. This loan can never be repaid.

On the issue of Uighur Muslims, the Conservative MP said – Xinjiang, Hong Kong or any other part. China tortures its people by arresting them. He is trying to destroy the global economy.

The sage said – Enough has happened. Britain and Western countries blindly greeted Chinese leaders on the red carpet. Now it won’t work. I will take a very strict action against the dragon from day one.

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