Putin blasts US attempts to preserve global domination

In the midst of the war in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday denounced what he called American attempts to maintain its worldwide dominance and urged authorities to increase military manufacturing.

Putin said that “the objective evolution toward a multipolar world encounters opposition of those who strive to retain their hegemony in global affairs and dominate everything — Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa” when accepting credentials from foreign ambassadors to Moscow.

Despite the changes in Ukraine, he said, “the hegemon has succeeded in doing so for quite a long time, but it can’t go on forever.”

Putin has cited the purported Western encroachment on Russia’s crucial security interests as the reason for his decision to deploy soldiers into Ukraine.

The Russian leader said that Western sanctions imposed on Russia as a result of its actions in Ukraine were an attempt by the United States and its allies to bolster their positions, but claimed that these attempts had backfired against their proponents and also damaged developing nations.

Putin said, “As for Russia, we won’t stray from our independent path.”

Later, at a different conference on military industries, Putin noted that Russian weaponry had shown to be very effective during the battle in Ukraine and urged authorities to swiftly boost military industry production.

According to Putin, “Our equipment effectively counters Western-style weaponry.” Almost the entire NATO arsenal has been sent to back the current Kyiv government.

Putin stated that in order to develop its own arsenals, Russia should research Western weaponry.

To qualitatively raise our potential and strengthen our tools and weaponry where we need to, he said, “We can and must learn about these arsenals, everything they have, and everything they employ against us.”

Putin said that in order to enhance the production of weapons, he has ordered that funding for new weapons be increased, more military firms be given loans, and more military personnel be paid more.

According to Putin, “military industrial complex structures must provide the necessary weapons and equipment in the quickest period conceivable.”

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