Beijing Seals Off Residential Areas as Covid Cases Suddenly Rise

Following the discovery of two instances of COVID-19, Beijing officials said on Sunday that they had shut off numerous residential neighborhoods north of the city center.

As the Chinese capital prepares to host the Winter Olympics, which begin on Friday, it is on high alert.

According to the organizing committee, another 34 cases have been verified among competitors and those who have traveled to the Games. Over 8,000 individuals had come by the end of Saturday, and 211 people had tested positive. A Swedish cross-country skier and a Slovenian snowboarder are among them.

To avoid cross-infection, everyone attending the Olympics is separated from the general population for the duration of their stay in China.

Residents in Beijing’s Chaoyang district’s Anzhenli neighborhood were locked down on Saturday and would not be permitted to leave their compound.

Officials stated during a pandemic briefing that the city is also setting up 19 stations in the region to test citizens every day until Friday, according to state-backed Beijing News.

Despite the fact that the number of cases is minimal in comparison to other nations in the area, China has intensified its “zero-tolerance” approach, which aims to interrupt the transmission chain as soon as it is discovered.

Between 4 p.m. Saturday and 4 p.m. Sunday, the Chinese capital recorded a total of 12 instances of COVID-19, according to Pang Xinghuo, vice head of the Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control. All of those instances were from persons who were already on anti-pandemic medication.

In the Fengtai area, where some residential complexes were closed down, the city performed repeated rounds of testing for millions of people this week.

The athletes are housed in hotels that have been encircled by makeshift barriers. They are only allowed to enter and exit in designated cars that transport them straight to the stadiums or other Olympic facilities. The general public is not permitted to visit the hotel or site, albeit a restricted number of spectators will be permitted to attend the activities.

Anyone who tests positive while within the Olympic bubble is quarantined in a hospital or quarantine hotel to prevent the illness from spreading to other athletes.

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