Kingdom Hearts IV Announced in New Anniversary Trailer

Kingdom Hearts IV is currently under development. During a 20th-anniversary celebration of the franchise in Japan, Square Enix revealed the next chapter. The trailer may be seen in the video attached above.

The trailer doesn’t start with Kingdom Hearts IV right away since it also features footage from the recently announced mobile game Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, so you’ll have to fast forward until 4:09 to see Kingdom Hearts IV.

As soon as the trailer starts, you’ll see Sora awaken in an apartment as what looks to be a massive heartless enters the city. Sora pulls out his Keyblade and parksours and grapples his way to the adversary. Goofy and Donald Duck explore in the dark near the end of the trailer, coming face to face with an unknown menace.

The graphic design appears to be much more realistic this time around, however Square Enix warns that the clip features “production material that is subject to change.” Kingdom Hearts IV takes set in the city of Quadratum, according to Square Enix, and introduces us to a new character named Strelitzia, who also appears in the trailer.

Kingdom Hearts IV has yet to be given a release date. Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will be released as a closed beta for Android and iOS in “certain countries” in August, according to Square Enix.


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