Fight Over Diablo Loot Results in Fatal Shooting

Joshua G. Spellman, of Amboy, WA, was charged with second-degree murder in Clark County Superior Court on Friday, December 17th (via The Columbian). Following a violent dispute about an event in a game of Diablo II that the two were playing, the 36-year-old Spellman reportedly shot and murdered his 26-year-old companion, 34-year-old Andrew Dickson.

Spellman stated he, Dickson, and a third man were playing Diablo II in an interview with detectives. Spellman and Dickson were conversing by headphone while playing the game from various locations on the same property.

When a random player entered the game and’stole’ an important piece of loot that the party hadn’t obtained, Dickson grew enraged. The game should have been password locked, but it wasn’t, and according to the affidavit, Dickson started “yelling, name-calling, and swearing at him.”

Dickson’s outburst lasted three to five minutes, according to Spellman, and he warned him he needed to calm down or he would be shot. Spellman walked up to the main home on the property, grabbing his revolver from by his computer (both he and Dickson lived in smaller houses on the same land). According to the affidavit: “I inquired as to why he had his firearm so close to the computer. ‘Why not?’ said [Spellman]. This is America, after all.'”

Before approaching the main residence, Spellman shot the gun into the air while going between the houses. He reportedly spoke to his father inside the house before Dickson arrived, and he verbally chastised Spellman for threatening to shoot him. Dickson “closed the distance” between the two, according to the affidavit, and Spellman shot him.

Dickson was shot in the torso and sent to the hospital, where he had surgery but succumbed to his wounds.

Luka Vitasovic, a senior deputy prosecutor, asked for Spellman’s release on $2 million bond, claiming that “a apparently small encounter culminated in someone being shot and died.” Spellman’s bail was set at $750,000 by Judge Snider. His arraignment is set for December 29.

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