Has Recovered from DDoS Attack

The Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) assaults that were overloading Blizzard’s servers with coordinated traffic have ended, and you should be able to log back into You may have had major difficulty attempting to get onto the online server that underpins Overwatch, Call of Duty: Warzone, Hearthstone, Diablo’s online capabilities, and more during the nearly hour-long Wednesday evening onslaught.

In its verified customer support Twitter account, Blizzard claimed that the disruption was caused by a DDoS, as well as in a “Breaking News” item that you may have seen in the PC client if you tried to sign on during the attack.

Outage reports rose across a variety of Activision Blizzard domains on DownDetector, with thousands saying was down but just hundreds reporting particular Blizzard titles were offline.

We didn’t see the usual slew of reports on Twitter when a game goes down, so it’s safe to assume it wasn’t a complete outage and that the “high latency and disconnections” didn’t effect the vast majority of players. The number of outage complaints appears to have returned to normal.

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