Amazon’s New MMO Lost Ark is At Capacity in Central Europe

Lost Ark, a free-to-play MMO, made a big premiere in the West, with the second-highest concurrent player count in Steam history just 24 hours after its release on February 11th. Unfortunately, the game’s popularity has resulted in long lines for players in Europe, while creator Smilegate and the game’s Western publisher, Amazon Games, are striving to rectify the situation.

Long waits plagued the Europe Central server shortly after debut, prompting the developers to promise that a new Europe West server will be implemented soon to provide users another option. According to a post on the Lost Ark forums by the developers, “the Europe Central area is at capacity and sadly there is no way to raise the number of people per planet in Europe Central.” “Due to the intricacy of all the systems that must function together, adding more servers is not viable.”

Players in the West, on the other hand, are unable to move to another server, therefore players who have spent a large amount of time in Europe Central will be unable to transfer their progress to Europe West. In Korea, where the game initially debuted in 2019, a server transfer feature has launched, but it “recently rolled out” in the area and “does not offer cross region functioning,” meaning it is “not a feasible option at this moment for the western version.”

Despite its flaws, Lost Ark has remained a beloved film. According to Valve’s Steam analytics website, it had over 1 million concurrent users as of Monday afternoon. It’s not the only MMO to experience server capacity troubles recently; with the release of the Endwalker expansion in December, Final Fantasy XIV had to cease giving its free trial, but it will resume on February 22nd.

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