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Friday, March 31, 2023

PlayStation Network Has Recovered from an Outage on Tuesday

The PlayStation Network hit a snag on Tuesday evening. For roughly 45 minutes, Sony’s PlayStation Network status page indicated that all of the company’s services were down for some reason, affecting things like logging into your account and connecting to PlayStation Now and the PlayStation Store. The site, on the other hand, now claims that everything is “up and operating.”

It’s not known how prevalent the problems were. I was able to connect online and send a message to a coworker in Bloodborne, however the PlayStation Store on the PS5 was having problems loading a lot of material. Others, as indicated in this discussion on the r/PS5 subreddit, were having more significant troubles connecting online, including “error code WS-37469-9.” There were over 12,000 user reports of issues, according to Downdetector.

During the outage, Epic Games also tweeted, directing Fortnite PlayStation gamers who were having login troubles to Sony’s PlayStation Network status webpage. Even after forcibly exiting and reloading Fortnite, I was able to get in and join a match, indicating that the issues didn’t appear to be impacting everyone.

Cedric Blackwater
Cedric Blackwater
Cedric is a journalist with over a decade of experience reporting on local US news, and touching on many global topics. He is currently the lead writer for Bulletin News.

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