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Friday, December 9, 2022

Netflix Launches Games on Smartphones

In order to enter into the gaming subscription business, Netflix is launching its first games globally.

The business will begin rolling out upgrades to its Netflix app for Android cellphones on Tuesday, displaying which games are available for download.

To begin, Netflix customers will receive five mobile games.

More is on the way, according to the business, with no ads in the game and no in-app purchases like those seen in other mobile games.

Two of the five games available with the service are based on Netflix’s famous Stranger Things series:

  • Stranger Things: 1984
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game
  • Card Blast
  • Teeter Up
  • Shooting Hoops

“While this is only the beginning of a long road, we’re delighted to give a gaming experience that is distinct from what is currently available – unique mobile games with no advertisements, no in-app purchases, and everything included with your Netflix membership,” the firm stated.

While the first games have simple visuals and informal gameplay, Netflix claims it is still in the early phases of development and wants to produce games “for every sort of player” in the future.

“We want to start building a library of games that offers something for everyone,” wrote Mike Verdu, the company’s head of game development. “Whether you’re craving a casual game you can start from scratch, or an immersive experience that lets you dig deeper into your favorite stories, we want to begin to build a library of games that offers something for everyone.”

Mr. Verdu was a key hire for Netflix, having previously worked for EA Games and then Facebook, where he worked on augmented and virtual reality.

iOS Support Coming

Only Android phones and tablets are supported in this week’s update. Games on iOS devices will be available “in the coming months,” according to Netflix.

Apple has previously fought attempts by other firms to create “shops inside stores,” notably in the gaming industry.

Apple prohibited Microsoft’s Game Pass streaming service from appearing in the iPhone App Shop when it first launched in 2020, claiming that the approximately 100 games included should all be featured separately in its store. Instead, Microsoft resorted to using Apple’s mobile Safari browser to broadcast content.

Netflix did not report any difficulties with Netflix Games, claiming that the fact that Android was first was due to the launch being “still in its early phases.”

Despite the delay in reaching Apple users, Microsoft has established itself as the market leader in gaming subscriptions.

Most of Microsoft’s own game studio releases are included in its Xbox Game Pass program on the day they are released, and many of them may be played on an Xbox, a gaming PC, or streamed over the internet to phones and tablets.

Tens of millions of users are projected to pay between £7.99 and £10.99 each month, depending on the features they want.

Cedric Blackwater
Cedric Blackwater
Cedric is a journalist with over a decade of experience reporting on local US news, and touching on many global topics. He is currently the lead writer for Bulletin News.

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