Netflix Stands Behind Chappelle Over Recent Criticism

Despite backlash over the comedian’s statements against the transgender community, a top Netflix executive claimed Dave Chappelle’s special “The Closer” did not cross “the line on hatred” and will remain on the streaming site.

“Some talent” may join third parties in asking for the show’s cancellation, according to co-CEO Ted Sarandos, who added, “which we are not going to do.”

Netflix has declined to comment on the memo, which was first published by Variety on Monday.

However, in response to press reports, the firm said it had terminated three workers, including Terra Field, who had tweeted about Chappelle’s program. Field describes herself as a senior software developer at Netflix and as trans on Twitter.

“It is completely false to claim that any staff have been suspended for tweeting about this program.” “We encourage our workers to freely disagree, and we support their freedom to do so,” Netflix stated in a statement.

According to a source familiar with the situation, the three workers improperly attended a quarterly meeting for corporate directors and vice presidents. One worker was suspended as a consequence of an investigation, according to the source, who wasn’t permitted to speak publicly about the matter.

It was unclear whether or not any action had been taken, or would be taken, against the other two workers.

Field did not reply to a request for comment right away. She claimed in her writings that Chappelle was being chastised not for his terrible remarks, but for the harm they do to the trans community, particularly Black women.

Field provided a list of trans and nonbinary men and women of color who she said were slain, noting that the victims “weren’t upset” in each case.

A request for response from Chappelle’s agent was not returned.

GLAAD, a media watchdog organization, said in a statement on Monday that “anti-LGBTQ material” breaches Netflix’s policy of rejecting shows that encourage hatred or violence. Netflix management were urged by GLAAD to “listen to LGBTQ workers, industry leaders, and consumers and commit to upholding their own standards.”

The organization said that Chappelle’s “name has become synonymous with mocking trans persons and other disadvantaged populations” after his special was published last week.

“Dear White People” writer and producer Jaclyn Moore tweeted that she worked with executives and others at Netflix who “fought for vital art” and that she presented “the narrative of my transformation for @netflix.”

Moore, on the other hand, receives hatred and abuse because “I’m not a’real woman,'” she claims.

She declared on Twitter, “I will not collaborate with them as long as they continue to put out and profit from plainly and dangerously transphobic stuff.”

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