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Nikki Griffin, Mahogany Crews and Dr. Sara Mabie want to understand how you use your eyes so they can offer the best optical solutions for you.
Nikki Griffin, Mahogany Crews and Dr. Sara Mabie want to understand how you use your eyes so they can offer the best optical solutions for you.

At EyeStyles Optical and Boutique in Oakdale, whether you need eyewear for work, sport, or leisure, and are age 1 to 101, the staff’s focus is on you, says Nikki Griffin, owner and board-certified optician.

As an independently-owned optical shop, EyeStyles offers a full line of unique and exclusive eyewear from manufacturers like Rudy Project, Wiley X and Etnia-Barcelona.

Frankly, eyewear is just the start; the shop also sells eye-catching items such as Snappy Dog Salsa and signs for your garden with phrases like, "We're so excited about the garden, we wet our plants."

Basically, if it appeals to customers, EyeStyles has it.

"We think of ourselves as a mom-and-pop shop," Griffin says of the friendly operation. Her goal is to keep people coming back, by building relationships on honesty, integrity and fair pricing.

How honest?

"Oh, we're very opinionated," she adds when asked if the staff is forthcoming on what looks good on you — and what doesn't. "We want you to be giggling when you look in the mirror even a year from now."

To make sure, EyeSyles takes into account the paces today's computer users' eyes are put through every day, looking from a monitor to the door, back to the monitor, perhaps at some printed material, then out the window. To help combat daily eye strain, EyeStyles offers a Lifestyle Package that gets you into all the glasses you will need: one pair for everyday, one pair of computer glasses and a pair of sunglasses, all for a price as low as $499.

Improved vision for life

Regular pediatric visits for the younger set are important to identify possible vision issues early, says Griffin's partner, optometrist Sara Mabie, OD. Dr. Mabie is experienced with eye health issues including macular degeneration, diabetic care and cataracts. She is also able to fit the more complicated gas permeable contact lenses as well as traditional soft lenses.

Dr. Mabie says she would like to see children checked out as early as age three. Young children may have issues that Dr. Mabie may be able to address, such as "lazy eye," in which the brain relies on one eye so heavily the other isn't used well.

What happens if a young child — or even crawling baby — needs glasses? EyeStyles offers the Tomato line of adjustable kids and babies' eyewear — expandable, nearly indestructible and designed to grow with children.

Griffin says for young adults, laser eye surgery is one good option for obtaining 20/20 vision and correcting distance vision difficulty. "I encourage people under the age of 25 to get it done and everyone needs high quality sun protection," Griffin says.

But as they age, people often still need help correcting vision for reading distance, she adds.

Giving back

Griffin partners with VOSH International — Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity — which provides the gift of vision and eye health to people in developing countries who have "super-significant prescriptions" or no access to eye care at all. When you purchase eyewear at EyeStyles, a second pair is always made up, at no cost to you, and donated to VOSH for its next vision mission trip.

EyeStyles helps out our four-legged friends with its "Paws and Claws" line of frames. The frames sport stylized paw prints for the design-conscious animal lover, and each purchase includes a donation to ASPCA.

Griffin also leads a study group for employees and aspiring opticians during off-hours.

"Most people today are hired at optical stores and thrown right into the business with no training," Griffin says. As an optician certified by the American Board of Opticianry since 1995, she makes sure her employees develop an understanding of the industry and are up to speed to match customers with their needs.

Geek is chic

Looking to join the hordes of folks adopting the Buddy Holly or Martin Scorsese black-framed eyewear look? EyeStyles has plenty of options for you. Or check out the Coco Song Collection for a colorful take on elegance.

EyeStyles offers convenient online eye exam appointment scheduling for those on the go.

And insurance plans? The answer is simple, Griffin says: "We take them all."

“I cannot say enough good things about EyeStyles,” says Emily from St. Paul. “Last fall I was told my 10-month-old son would need glasses, and after calling several places, I found that EyeStyles was the only business in the area that carried glasses for small children.”



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