SNAPSHOTS: A new mayor in town

photos courtesy of Deb Griffith • On March 19, South St. Paul had a new mayor ... at least for a day. Luis Mendoza Ponce, an 11-year-old fifth-grader at Kaposia Elementary School was named “Mayor for a Day” for his winning essay in this year’s Mayor for a Day writing contest. During his time as mayor, Ponce got to sit in on a council meeting, visit Doug Woog Arena, where the man himself was present, and explore various facilities in the city. Mayor Jimmy Francis said Ponce’s winning essay was selected out of 25 submissions, pointing out Ponce is the first boy to win the contest. “He’s talking about food,” Francis said of Ponce’s essay at the March 19 meeting. “He’s talking about bullying, all these things that have affected his life. He’s thinking of doing something different to help change that.” According to Francis, the day Ponce was named “Mayor for the Day,” he was so excited he could barely show his face to his class.

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