Rep. John Lesch elected chair of St. Paul delegation

Rep. John Lesch (DFL - 66A - St. Paul) announced that he has been elected Chair of the St. Paul Delegation in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Lesch said that as Chair he would work to reverse cuts to local government aid and promised a close working relationship with St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and the City Council. "I am very honored to have the opportunity to serve the city of St. Paul as Chair of its delegation to the Minnesota House," Lesch said. "I look forward to working with Mayor Coleman, the City Council and my colleagues in the House and Senate to reverse the inequitable revenue policies that have been such a burden to our community."

Lesch's said St. Paul's other priorities include public safety, education, securing capital investment for St. Paul, transit, and riverfront revitalization. Lesch was optimistic about St. Pual's chances for success, given that the DFL is now in the majority in both the House and Senate.

"This is a year of great opportunity for the city of St. Paul. The new Democratic majority in the House bodes well for a more fair examination of our piece of the pie," he said.

Lesch said he plans to invite Mayor Coleman to meet with the House and Senate Delegations as soon as possible in order to develop a unified strategy to benefit St. Paul.

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