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Pizza Lucé to open up shop in Roseville

A rendering shows how the 160-seat restaurant with a full bar and patio is expected to look when completed this fall. (submitted graphic)
A rendering shows how the 160-seat restaurant with a full bar and patio is expected to look when completed this fall. (submitted graphic)

Pizza Lucé, the privately-held, 21-year-old Minnesota chain, is adding a new answer for your pizza craving, right here in Roseville.


Don’t raise that red flag!

Local law enforcement agencies warn residents about mail theft
Actually, don’t use your curbside box at all for outgoing U.S. mail, says just about everyone involved in law enforcement. And that red flag? It’s a signal to the mail thieves that there may be something of interest just inside.


Painted ponies go up and down

Catch up on the remarkable story of how Nancy Peterson and Peter Boehm kept the carousel in one piece and in St. Paul at, then come and meet them at the carousel’s 100th birthday party Aug. 9 at Como Park. Below, Carousel horses are either “standers” or “jumpers. At Cafesjian’s Carousel in Como Park, all 68 horses are “jumpers” meaning they move up and down. (photos by Linda E. Andersen/Review)

It’s 100 years for Como Park’s Cafesjian’s Carousel
When Nancy Peterson heard the news that cold November day in 1988 that the long-time Minnesota classic carousel had been dismantled and 20 of the horses and a chariot were now on their way to the auction block in New York City, she remembers saying to her husband, “Somebody ought to do something!” 


Toy Story

Barbie and friends, and their vintage Dreamhouse, adorn the 1960s living room. (photo by Linda Baumeister/Review)

Minnesota History Center offers a ‘trip down memory lane’
Play Doh. Hot Wheels. And Barbie. Sound familiar? Those toys and a whole lot more are featured in a fascinating interactive exhibit called “Toys of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s” that may take you back to your carefree days as a child; back when you needed a break from the day-to-day worries about bullies, the opposite sex and overdue homework.


Murder charges filed against husband, wife in New Brighton shooting

Plastic deer and lawn ornaments decorated the victims' property. The victims allegedly had a deer feeder in their yard, and the animals passed through Zumberge's backyard from a wooded area near the Rice Creek Trail walking path. (Linda E. Andersen/Bulletin)

On Wednesday, May 7, the Ramsey County attorney's office charged Neal Zumberge with one count of second-degree murder, which has a maximum sentence of 40 years, and one count of second-degree attempted murder, which has a maximum sentence of 20 years. His wife, Paula Zumberge, 50, was charged the next day with aiding and abetting those crimes, and faces the same sentencing guidelines.
In a statement, Ramsey County Attorney John Choi called the shooting "senseless and tragic," adding that the investigation is currently ongoing.


Preventing theft from vehicles

The recent rash of auto break-ins in the Review and Bulletin coverage area prompts the need to re-issue standard, law enforcement reminders: a variety of bad guys want your stuff - ID thieves, addicts, or just run of the mill prowlers.
Mike Salter of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department, repeats their proven advice: “Hide it, close it, lock it and light it.”
Hide valuables in your trunk before arriving at your destination, or better yet, take them with you.


A bus named TCAAP?

The Metropolitan Council announced recently that it would evaluate a future extension of the A Line (Snelling Avenue) Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) from Rosedale Center north to the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP) property in Arden Hills.


A fun event’s on tap this week at Silverwood Park

Last year’s event was a brow-furrowing, roll-up-your sleeves workshop. This year, organizers have added fun as an ingredient and re-designed the event as a kid-friendly festival. (submitted phtoto)

An event homeowners, apartment renters - even kids - may want to check out is scheduled for the late afternoon and early evening of Thursday, Nov. 14 at Silverwood Park in St. Anthony.
The effort is co-sponsored by Falcon Heights and Lauderdale as well as St. Anthony and is subtitled “Action for Sustainable Cities.”It’s part of a movement that is growing not only locally, but also nationally, even internationally, that’s known as sustainability.


Murder at the Museum - or Who killed Agatha Marple?

Artifacts have been missing and the body of Agatha Marple, head curator, is discovered at the museum, now a carefully crafted crime scene mystery. Attendees often took photos of themselves near the police tape body outline. (photos by Linda Baumeister/Review)

Some days its best to take a break from the perplexity of the unsolved tales of murdered or missing wives and girlfriends in our metro area and go try to solve a pretend one instead. So I invited my younger daughter for an evening out to crack a murder mystery at the Science Museum of Minnesota in downtown St. Paul.


Countryside restaurant owner says, “Thanks for the memories”

The Countryside’s future is uncertain. The 57-year-old restaurant on County Road C-2 and Snelling Avenue in Roseville is up for sale. (photos by Linda E. Andersen/Review )

Jim DuRose became a Roseville resident when he was just a lad of eight, following his family’s move from St. Paul. He began his career at the Countryside as a dishwasher and bus boy while attending Mounds View High School, graduating from MVHS in 1976.


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