Public safety units visit Maplewood apartments

A K-9 officer basked in the attention of children at the community outreach event. (Amy Felegy photos/Review)

The apartment event was the seventh outreach day Maplewood Public Safety has hosted this summer.

A young boy reached for a hot dog at the public safety community outreach event.

It marks the summer’s 7th community outreach event


Maplewood public safety, public works and other organizations like the YMCA and Metro Transit have been partnering together this summer, hoping to better connect with the communities they serve.

Aug. 27 was another night when that partnership came alive. The Goldenstar Apartments at 321 Larpenteur Ave. E. in Maplewood was where neighbors of all ages and the people who help keep them safe came together.

It was the seventh such community outreach event of the summer aimed at connecting with residents in a fun and relaxed way.

“We can have a better conversation with them [in a] non-adversarial environment, so if something bad does happen it’s not the first time we’re getting to know each other,” Public Safety Director Scott Nadeau said. 

Some events were targeted to certain communities. A previous get-together was solely for older adults and offered information on scams, vulnerable adult issues and abuse.

Other events have been held at mosques and churches, in less-affluent areas and at places central to younger people to meet more of the folks who make up Maplewood.

Often there is free food involved — a staple is hot dogs from the Ramsey County Sheriff Office’s trailer.

“We’re really looking for any way that we as public servants can continue to work on building the bridge between the city and the people in the city,” Nadeau said.

Available at the event were discounted Metro Transit passes and information on finding part-time jobs with the U.S. Census Bureau.


—Amy Felegy

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