L.M.N.O.P: Dominick, 35 - Maplewood

Dominick, 35



“I was born in Gary, Indiana — horrible place to live. Surrounded by death, poverty. It’s just a bad place to be.

I grew up basically on my own by myself, and now I’m here in Maplewood trying to make a better life for myself. 

A lot of my family recently passed — everybody in the last five years. My grandmother, my mother, all of my brothers and sisters. So I was basically there alone by myself and I’ve got a childhood friend that moved from Gary up here. So he’s been up here for a while. 

So he was like, ‘Just come on up here, man.’ So I did. 

Being away from my daughter has been really hard. Today is her birthday. She just turned 19. She’s gorgeous, she’s going to school and she’s doing way better at life. Her journey through life is way easier, way simpler, way better than mine. 

I don’t really know what she’s studying. She just said she’s going to get like a master’s or something just so she can be better off in the workfield, have something under her belt. 

She’s in Iowa. Like I said, I’ve been on my own since I was like 14. I did a lot of traveling, so Iowa was one of the places I stopped along the way. 

It’s actually been pretty good. I haven’t been up here that long. I got a job at Smashburger so I’m working, progressing. My life is special. Definitely really is a whole new chapter in this book of my life.”

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