LETTER: What’s the matter with a well-working county board?

To the Editor:


Randy Jessup finds there to be three things wrong with the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners. They meet at the wrong time. There hasn’t been the slightest discord or disharmony on the board for the first six months of 2019, as reflected in the voting records. The board is willing to go to court when it feels that it is being badly used. He apparently has no complaints with the work the board has done. That is curious.

When Mr. Jessup ran for his former legislative seat in 2016, he posed as a moderate Republican who was tired of the do-nothing Legislature and wanted to reach across the legislative aisle to get things done. How did that turn out? By the end of the 2018 legislative session, in which the Republican Party controlled both houses, the Legislature put about 20 bills on the governor’s desk. That is less that half the output of the previous minimally competent Legislature! There was no attempt by either party to work with the other on any significant legislation. Mr. Jessup portrayed it as a very successful session in his last townhall meeting!

One can understand why Mr. Jessup is uncomfortable with the apparent efficiency and effectiveness of the Ramsey County Board. The idea of working out issues with others before a vote is taken is probably entirely foreign to his experience.  


Greg Gross


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