L.M.N.O.P: Marsha - North St. Paul

North St. Paul

“I do a lot of crazy stuff, girl. I know what I did crazy: I lent my grandson $2,500 and he’s ducking me — that’s the craziest thing I’ve done lately. Because he had a job and his truck stopped on him. He begged me to get his truck repaired.

I got his truck repaired. He won’t give my money back. No phone calls, no nothing. But I took him to court and got granted for it, so I’m waiting on [a] letter. He didn’t show up in court. 

I’m waiting on that letter to come to me, because I guess I’m trying to find a free attorney to help me find him and get my money. I think I almost got his address. I found out that a niece has his address and she doesn’t want to get involved, so she doesn’t want to give me the address. Me and her are going to fall out next.

It’s stressful — $2,500. I fostered three kids, and that’s all I had saved. My niece said — she just told me this weekend — that she knows his address. And I think she thought about it but she doesn’t want to get involved. But I’m going to make her give me that address.

Nobody knows where he’s running. He’s running. He didn’t show up in court. But I’m not going to give up.”

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