L.M.N.O.P: Bob, 90 - Oakdale

Bob, 90

“I’m retired — 90 years old — I usually don’t tell people that. I do some sculpture work. I’m an amateur sculptor. I make all kinds of things, whatever I feel like: birds, fish, free-form. 

I’ve been picking up the trash that people throw out for about 20 years because I don’t like the looks of it. I’m a neat freak. I like stuff clean. The environment is part of it, but a dirty environment doesn’t look good. 

It’s a couple hours, whenever I think it needs it bad. The city cuts the grass along the boulevard, so that exposes a lot of it, too. I did it once this spring and two times this summer. Then I put it in my trash. 

I used to go down to the next street and go up to the stop sign, but I’m getting older now. I can’t go as far.

Think the city will do it? They don’t do it. They never come by and pick up all this trash. They don’t have the people to do it, I’m sure — the cost and all of that. 

It’s amazing when people go by in the area where there are no houses or anything, and they throw trash out the window. They see the open land and they just chuck it out, which is too bad. See what I mean? It’s all fast-food stuff. Almost all of it.

Some people honk, some people make obscene remarks and some people put their thumbs up and say, ‘Good job.’”

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