LETTER: Overblown price of fun at festival leaves some out

To the Editor:
Having just purchased a home in New Brighton last November, my 3-year-old daughter and I have been eagerly exploring all that the area has to offer. Receiving the circular regarding New Brighton’s Stockyard Days festival in the New Brighton-Mounds View Bulletin, I made plans to stop by.

All the advertisements noted that inflatables were a major attraction, but I was truly shocked at the price tag. Twenty dollars for an all-day pass was the only option. In the two years since I became a Minnesota resident, I have not been to a festival with that high of a price tag. 

We left Stockyard Days and met some friends at an indoor bounce house facility, where the all-day price tag was $8, and my child could keep playing even when it started raining.

I felt that Stockyard Days’ prices were unfair. Why advertise the inflatables as though they are family-friendly, but then sell tickets at a price point that is not?

If next year’s organizers can’t bring down the price, I think they should skip the inflatables altogether. I won’t pay $20, and I can’t bring my child to enjoy the other aspects of Stockyard Days with inflatables in sight.

Sarah Kaufmann
New Brighton 

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