LETTER: Running for District 282 school board

To the Editor:


My name is Ben Phillip and I am running for an open seat on the St. Anthony-New Brighton school board, serving District 282. One of the issues I strongly believe in is equity being a key priority to ensure success for all students. 

Equality and equity are two terms that are often confused with each other. Equality revolves around sharing — ensuring equal access. However, equity is based on needs and revolves around fairness. Think about the grocery store. Equality allows for anyone to go to the store. Equity allows anyone to get inside of the store because of the automatic doors. Everyone benefits from those doors, not just those in need. 

That last sentence is an important one, as equity does not take away anything from one group to benefit another, but instead provides an opportunity for everyone to benefit. This is true in education as well.

My 20 years of experience in education have given me insight from a systems level on what works well and what opportunities we can take advantage of in District 282. To learn more, please visit www.benforschoolboard.com.


Ben Phillip

District 282 school board candidate

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