South-West Review police reports published August 12th, 2019

Inver Grove Heights

Warrant arrest

A woman was arrested July 31 after police were called to the 5700 block of Bishop Avenue on the report of a suspicious vehicle.


On Aug. 1, a 28-year-old man was arrested for two warrants in the 7100 block of River Road.



Officers responded o the 6600 block of Concord Boulevard Aug. 2 for an intoxicated driver — a man was arrested on suspicion of DWI.


A 45-year-old man was arrested Aug. 3 after being pulled over in the area of Concord Boulevard and Dawn Way.



A 24-year-old man was transported to detox Aug. 2 after police responded to a disturbance report in the 7100 block of Robert Trail.


Not allowed

Officers responded to a Holiday gas station Aug. 3 after a clerk requested that two people who had been sleeping in a vehicle for at least an hour be check on. Officers saw drug paraphernalia in plain view on one of the occupants. The vehicle was searched and a small amount of marijuana was found. One occupant was cited and the other charged by formal complaint.


A juvenile female was placed under arrest for fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance Aug. 5 in the 7800 block of River Road.



A vehicle fire was reported on Holman Avenue Aug. 7. The fire marshal and fire inspector arrived on scene and believed the fire was intentional and are investigating the case as arson.


Towed away

On Aug. 7, officers responded to the 6900 block of South Robert Trail on a report of a vehicle that had gotten stuck in the construction zone. The owner wasn’t on scene, and the vehicle was towed.


Mendota Heights


Officers responded to Marie Avenue under Interstate 35E July 27 for a report of kids spray-painting graffiti under the bridge. The young vandals were located and turned over to parents or guardians — one kid was cited.


Something smells

On July 29, officers stopped a vehicle at the intersection of Highway 62 and Interstate 35E for speeding. Officers could smell marijuana in the vehicle and a search turned up a small amount of marijuana. The driver was cited for speeding and both the driver and passenger were cited for possession of a small amount of marijuana.


Sticky fingers

Four individuals left a business in the 700 block of Main Street July 29 without paying for services.


Nothing to see

Officers were dispatched July 30 for a domestic disturbance. When officers arrived on scene, they determined an assault did not take place, but the parties were separated for the remainder of the day.


Slow down

On July 31, an officer saw a motorcycle on southbound Interstate 35E at Highway 13 traveling at an extreme rate of speed. The motorcycle exited onto Highway 62 and popped a wheelie. The driver was stopped and cited for speed and reckless driving.


South St. Paul

Comes in threes

On Aug. 1, an officer conducting routine patrol in the 400 block of Third Avenue saw a man get into a vehicle. He recognized the man because of multiple warrant checks at the address. The man was arrested and booked into Dakota County Jail for three warrants.



An officer pulled a vehicle over in the area of Concord Street and Stanley Avenue Aug. 2 after a license plate search showed the owner had a revoked driver’s license. While speaking with the woman who was driving, the officer could smell alcohol in the vehicle. The woman blew a .138 and was arrested for DUI.


A little creepy

A man was taking pictures of the pool area at Northview Pool Aug. 3. An officer spoke with the man, who showed the officer the photos. The officer didn’t feel any of them were zoomed in on a specific individual and the man said he understood why his actions could be misinterpreted and agreed to delete the photos.


A dark Sunday

On Aug. 4, officers were dispatched to Fifth Avenue for a man at a park screaming “white power.” Officers found the man in the area, who admitted to screaming “white power.” He said he was exercising his right to free speech and he could yell whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. The officer told the man that was not accurate, and when asked for identification, the man gave officers a false name. He was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and providing false information to officers.


Not yours

An employee of a car company in the 1000 block of Concord Street called police Aug. 5 after a woman refused to return a rental vehicle. The woman was using a rental because the vehicle she purchased from the company needed work. The business decided to not sell her the vehicle and wanted the rental back but she refused. The woman told police she felt she was robbed by the dealership. The woman filed a harassment report with New Hope police and planned to get a lawyer.



A woman called police Aug. 5 to report someone used her debit card information over the weekend at a number of gas station. She was out roughly $527.


West St. Paul

“Off her rocker”

A woman called July 31 to report a semitruck on Marthaler Lane near Wentworth Avenue was driving erratically. The semitruck driver also called in and said the woman was “off her rocker” and wouldn’t back up so he could move his truck. The woman had tried to turn left onto Wentworth and the semi was turning onto Marthaler, wedging them in. The woman couldn’t move her vehicle, so an officer drove it out of the way for her.


Big kitty

On July 31, a woman came into the police department to speak with an officer about a coyote sighting. She said she and several neighbors have seen a coyote near the area of Felix and Stanely streets.


Smash and grab

Someone broke into a business in the 800 block of Dodd Road Aug. 1 by throwing a rock through a glass door. The burglar took multiple items as well as cash.



On Aug. 5, someone called from the 1500 block of Bellows Street to report someone put dog poop into a washer and dryer at the building. It appeared that someone had washed clothes with feces on them and didn’t intentionally try to make a mess. Management at the building was aware of the issue and would be handling the situation.


Charge them

A woman called police Aug. 6 in an attempt to file a report for a vehicle theft that occurred a month ago. The vehicle was not stolen but was in an impound lot in St. Paul and had been for a month. The woman said they had allowed a neighbor to drive the vehicle, but the neighbor crashed it. She wanted police to charge the neighbor for crashing her vehicle. However, it was a civil issue and the officer could not press charges, so they advised her of the next steps to take.


Joy ride

Someone left a business in the 1700 block of Robert Street Aug. 6 on a motorized scooter that belonged to the business. The scooter was found at a nearby business and an officer drove it back to the original store.


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