Kimberly Shen

Kimberly Shen

Kimberly Shen, a junior at Mounds View High School in Arden Hills, earned a bronze medal at the 17th Annual USA Biology Olympiad National Finals. The University of California-San Diego hosted the event, which ran from June 22 to July 3.

Nearly 10,000 students from 498 schools and 45 states registered in the nationwide high school competition, with Shen being one of four students to take home bronze.

During the 10 days of the national finals, 20 students participated in intensive theoretical and practical tutorials. The high school students studied with leading U.S. biologists who are experts in the fields of cellular and molecular biology, plant anatomy and physiology, animal anatomy and physiology, genetics and evolution, ecology, ethology and biosystematics. 

Shen is a returning Biology Olympiad finalist, and is passionate about many fields of science, including biology and astronomy. Since 2017, she has been a valuable member of Mounds View’s nationally ranked Science Olympiad team and has medaled multiple times at the national level.

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