Watch “The Anthropologist” at Shoreview Library

All are invited to a free screening of the film “The Anthropologist” on Wednesday June 26, at 7 p.m. at the Shoreview Library, 4560 Victoria St. N.

“The Anthropologist” features the parallel stories of two women: Margaret Mead, who popularized cultural anthropology in America, and Susie Crate, an environmental anthropologist currently studying the impact of climate change. Uniquely revealed from their daughters’ perspectives, Mead and Crate demonstrate a fascination with how societies are forced to negotiate the disruption of their traditional ways of life, whether through encounters with the outside world or through climate change.

The film provides an “eyewitness to climate change” perspective as an American teenager accompanies her anthropologist mother in visits to people who are losing everything to rising sea levels and other impacts of climate change

The film was released in November 2015, and has been shown only a few times in Minnesota up to now. The showing is sponsored by Northeast Metro Climate Action. For more information call 612-965-8284.

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