LETTER: Seeking efficiencies in government

To the Editor:


It is sometimes difficult for residents to get a handle on local tax rates. The numbers below detail 2019 tax increases on my single-family home in New Brighton valued at roughly $300,000. 

Comparing my property tax statements from 2018 and 2019, I saw a 7% increase in what I paid to Ramsey County, including a 10% increase in the amount paid to the Regional Rail Authority and a roughly 5% increase in the amount paid to the Ramsey County Library.

Additionally, I saw a 9% increase in what I paid to the City of New Brighton. 

In comparison, the U.S. gross domestic product increased roughly 2.9% in 2018, while the core rate of inflation increased 1.9%. Year-to-year nominal wage growth is averaging roughly 3.1% as of May.

In most households and most enterprises, when performing the same tasks and delivering the same services year after year, it is possible to complete those tasks in less time and deliver those services more efficiently. I don’t recall ever seeing a tax plateau, let alone a reduction, from the current New Brighton administration. Apparently, reducing costs via greater efficiencies is not a priority for the New Brighton mayor and city council.  


Bruce Knight

New Brighton

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