LETTER: Kassim Busuri’s decision affects all of Ward 6

To the Editor:


On Feb. 6, 2019 Kassim Busuri was inaugurated to fill the unexpired term of Dan Bostrom who had retired. Mr. Busuri was selected by the city council after being selected from a field of seven candidates who had all agreed not to run for a new term in the November general election. The council did not want to provide the advantage of incumbency to any appointee they selected for Ward 6. This was a wise and fair requirement.

Mr. Busuri understood this and agreed to abide by this limitation when he accepted his appointment.  So it came as a considerable surprise when he suddenly announced on May 16 that he now intended to run for the office in the November election in violation of his promise, attempting to use his incumbency as an advantage over other candidates in the fall election.

His announcement was immediately greeted with condemnation by the council members he betrayed by this reversal of the public promise he had made to obtain his appointment from them. They have already sanctioned him for his blatant breach of faith removing him from the council work group on public safety, and the Housing and Redevelopment agenda. These represent two areas of public policy vital to Ward 6 interests.  He doesn’t suffer this punishment alone, he drags Ward 6 into his punishment too.

A basic qualification to hold public office should be integrity. Mr. Busuri has shown he lacks that qualification and Ward 6 voters have better options in November.



Pat Hill

St. Paul

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